[PF] Вторая Тьма

Суббота (11:00-20:00), , 11:00 - 20:00

Сеттинг: Golarion
Система: Pathfinder RPG
Жанр: Интрига
Игру проводит: Игорь Луняков

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In those first darkened days, there was a choice of fates: starvation, plague, enslavement, madness. The weakest among them proved burdensome on the strong, the hungry starved the hearty, the feeble sickened the healthy. They were on the verge of extinction.... Then they heard the calls of the shadows, the whispers in the dark. The demons, terrible and mighty, spoke to them, saying “Venerate us, and you shall have all you need to survive. Praise us, and you shall have all you need to conquer.” And they listened, and built their first temple to the powers of the Abyss... They sacrificed their starved. They offered up their sick. They laid their slaves upon the altar for the demons to place their immortal touch. And when they pulled their slaves down from the altars, they were as abominations.

—The Lightless Scrolls, Volume I: The Scroll of Screaming

[PF] Вторая Тьма