The Lost 77 worlds: Apocalyptic Mars

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316 years ago Mars had a thriving colony of Earth. Humans expanding in ten different domed cities and several very large mining colonies. Mankind had discovered a new metal on Mars, Marsium. It was lighter and stronger than any other metal found on Earth. There was great demand for this metal in the fabrication of starship engines of all types, but especially the automated S-ships. For many years large supplies of bars of Marsium were shipped to the Jupiter spaceship yards. Colossal efforts were expended to bring back the atmosphere of Mars. Huge tracks of oxygen generating lichen spread across all of the land surrounding the human domes in the large craters of Mars. Engineering efforts generated oxygen in all of the mines on the planet making it comfortable for humans to work those mine shafts. Robots where assigned the task of working that lichen. Many specialized robots were also used in the domes and the mines to make life on Mars easier for mankind. Those robots were powered by mulching the lichen into protein energy for their systems.

Millennia ago there was a Martian race on the planet. They had grown powerful in the technical sciences, but were destroyed by the many asteroids hitting their world, in one year, and stripping away the much needed atmosphere. That race had set up an automated huge defensive ring of powerful plasma canons in the mountains of Mars. The survivors had gone underground, but there wasn't enough of them left alive to rekindle the civilization. Most of them eventually died off.

The Lost 77 worlds: Apocalyptic Mars
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